The following are selected reports from the Seattle Police Department. They represent the officers’ accounts of the events described.


Police responded to an East Madison Street business to investigate an audible alarm sounding around 3:40 a.m. on April 7.

Officers arrived to find the front door broken out and one marijuana food item on the floor near the refrigerators, which were located near the door.

The suspect didn’t appear to go much farther into the business.

A large safe with a bag of cash on top was still locked.

The officers secured the premises and left voice-mail messages for the business owner.

The owner called police back around 7:15 a.m., telling them he saw security-video footage of the incident, in which a male suspect broke in to take one food item before leaving. One of the responding officers was to return to view the footage.



A woman called police around 5:50 p.m. on April 20 after a man pushed her into a corner of her parking garage in the 1800 block of 23rd Avenue and stole her purse.

She said she had just parked her vehicle and was walking toward the elevator when the suspect approached. He pushed her into a corner and demanded she “give me everything.”

While trying to fight off the suspect, she dropped her keys and her cell phone. The suspect then took her purse and left.

The woman picked up her keys and phone and entered the elevator.

The purse contained her passport, a laptop computer and a wallet, which contained her identification, credit cards and $3 cash. The credit card had been used within minutes of the incident.

The woman told police there is a short-range tracking system in her purse, which may be used to track the suspect.

She also told police she would talk to the property manager about obtaining security-video footage of the incident.



Police responded to the 2900 block of East Madison Street to investigate a burglary that occurred between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on April 9.

One of the residents arrived home around 2:30 p.m. to hear their dog barking loudly and nonstop. She then saw that the front door had been kicked in. She entered to check on her dog and then noticed that the suspect had been through every room.

The burglar stole a backpack containing credit cards, among other items. The credit card had already been used, according to the woman’s bank; she closed all of her accounts.

Fingerprints were found on a dresser; they were submitted for analysis.

Both residents talked to their neighbors, who reported not hearing or seeing anything suspicious.

The residents also pointed out the lockbox outside, which appeared to have been slightly ajar. While the suspect may have tried to get into the lockbox, the officer said there was no evidence of damage or tampering.



Someone pried open a lockbox to a business in the 2800 block of East Madison Street between 10 p.m. April 22 and 9:30 a.m. April 23 and took the key to enter. The suspect then pried open a cash drawer, stealing $500 cash.

The burglar also took a laptop computer and five workout shirts, worth $70 each.

Fingerprints were found on the back of the cash drawer; they were submitted for analysis.

The manager told police that an employee mentioned seeing a woman enter the business on April 14 or April 17, showing an “inordinate interest” in the retail items and the business hours.

The manager also said she recently fired an employee for stealing cash from the cash drawer.

The key was still missing, so police recommended the manager re-key the locks. The manager will also talk to building managers about obtaining security footage for the building’s security cameras.