The Seattle Public Utilities contractor was able to complete work on 28th Avenue East, part of the Madison Valley Stormwater Project, three weeks ahead of schedule.

   Since work began on Oct. 1, crews successfully installed stormwater-infrastructure improvements in the roadway that should greatly reduce the potential for flooding of properties in the area of 28th Avenue East.
Construction on the overall project will continue, though, during the week of Oct. 22:
•Along 28th Avenue East — Weather permitting, crews plan to complete roadway striping early in the week. This activity will have minimal impact to traffic and should last only a couple of hours.
•Along 29th Avenue East — Neighbors may notice an increase in construction activities at the construction entrance and staging area near East Roy Street as crews work their way out of Washington Park. Additional no-parking signs may be needed to perform these activities.
•Washington Park — Landscaping work in Washington Park continues as crews deliver and install plantings. Topsoil and hydroseeding will continue to be delivered and placed on the site.
    Preparing for and paving of the access road and pedestrian pathway is under way. This activity is planned to be complete over the next two to three weeks.
The crews will need to grade the surface prior to paving the pathway and access road. Grading requires heavy equipment; neighbors near Washington Park can expect intermittent increases in noise and vibration.
     As work in Washington Park wraps up, the contractor will complete miscellaneous final activities throughout the neighborhood.
For more information about the Madison Valley Stormwater Project, visit the website: