Documentary filmmaker Jill Freidberg’s successful 4Culture grant allows her and collaborators like Domonique Meeks, Henry Luke, and many others to record stories about the Red Apple and about the neighborhood.  Freidberg imagines the Central District as a great constellation of stories, and the Red Apple is one point of entry into that constellation. She hopes that community stories can help newcomers understand the history and context of the Central District; that stories about people’s lives and the neighborhood itself may help everyone reach out to one another.  

The stories come from current and former residents who visit Shelf Life at 2301 S Jackson St., Suite 201--just west of the Red Apple Market.  

During a recorded audio interview that can be thirty minutes or longer, participants may choose to share:

  • Neighborhood or family history

  • Family traditions

  • Personal experiences of growing up in a Central District neighborhood

  • Changes in the life of the city or of the neighborhood and their impacts

  • Sources of neighborhood and/or family pride

  • Topics of interest to them

People are welcome to drop in, and they can also bring in someone they think should be interviewed. Age is not important, but having roots in the neighborhood (or at the Red Apple) is.  You can schedule an interview via telephone 206-866-6488 or visit the Shelf Life storefront (open from 1:00-6:00pm Sun. and Wed; and from 10:00am-3:00pm on Mon., and 10:00-7:30 on Tuesdays.).  Sometimes interviews are in progress, so it may be advisable to call before visiting.