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  • Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle Department of Transportation director Scott Kubly say more people are going motorless in Seattle. But tell that to the thousands of drivers who’ve been stuck in traffic for miles for upward of nine hours in recent weeks
  • Garfield High School isn’t a stranger to testing protests, and now it’s the students who are speaking out. 
  • Just as the Seattle City Council is making heavy decisions about developer fees, affordable housing and renters’ rights, among other issues, Councilmember Sally Clark announced her resignation, effective Sunday, April 12. 
  • The dichotomy between homelessness and rising real estate prices has Seattle facing a dilemma: Whom should it cater to? 
  • REVISITING THE PARK | Work and reward for dump diligence

    In the mid-’50s, Madison Park-ites could be seen on sunny days mowing lawns or cleaning out garages. That meant a trip to the Montlake landfill, north of the university, to cart everything from lawn clippings and weeds to whatever couldn’t be given away. 

  • It’s a cliché of every local election: The dynamic candidate, in search of your vote, is going to do something about Seattle’s awful traffic.  
  • If you haven’t driven by Yesler Terrace lately, you should. Nearly $300 million of your tax dollars are being invested in a complete makeover of this 28-acre, 560-unit public housing project owned by Seattle Housing Authority (SHA). 

  • THE BOTTOM LINE | Embrace our Native American heritage

    Washington was one of the last states to get statehood and become a part of the United States of America. Alaska came a while later, and from the beginning, these two states have been linked together at the hip.

  • A March “Community Corner” [update] in the Madison Park Times by Madison Park Community Council president Maurice Cooper stated that a planned highway lid at the Montlake Boulevard interchange with state Route 520 will be 400 feet in length. 

  • Mayor Ed Murray announced last week that the City of Seattle will prohibit funding any city employee travel expenses for city business to Indiana. The announcement came after the Midwest state passed Senate Bill 101, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

  • Starting out adulthood with tens of thousands of dollars of debt is no way to set the future of our country up for success. 
  • If voters weren’t scared off by the number of levies they’ve approved in recent years asking for their tax dollars, the city’s Move Seattle transportation levy should do it.

  • Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz took another step into politics last week with his announcement that his baristas would start conversations about race relations by writing “Race Together” on the coffee cups and engage in intense small talk about the issue. 
  • Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) four current assistant chiefs have been demoted in the department’s latest shake-up.

  • While the state attorney general’s (AG) office generally argues much larger issues like the Affordable Care Act, civic bans on legal marijuana sales and, more recently, immigration, Bob Ferguson is taking on a matter that the average Seattleite can relate to: Seahawks ticket scammers.

  • In addition to vacation and sick-time leave, City of Seattle employees will soon get four weeks of paid parental leave. 
  • In this age of social media, many still have yet to learn to think twice about what they post online for fear of employers reading it. Especially inept are a few police officers, whose “employers” are the taxpaying public.

  • REVISITING THE PARK | High-rising

    In the Madison Park of yesteryear, little was done with private homes except maybe to repair a broken stair or swing or perhaps build a new garage door. Glimpsing back, one remembers how slowly life moved.

  • Before immersing themselves in this year’s horse-race speculation, our city’s political class would do well to stop and pay homage to one of the most significant and effective council members in modern Seattle history. 
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