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  • The Seattle School Board has appointed retired Marysville School District Superintendent Larry Nyland as the interim leader of Seattle Public Schools, effective Aug. 1. He will serve until June 2015. 
  • Yet another city official is seeking his employees’ and the public’s forgiveness for being derelict in his duties. 
  • Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco is his own worst advocate. Since the Seattle City Council approved a 45-percent raise for Carrasco last month, he has continued to make a series of missteps that makes one wonder why he was considered for any raise. 
  • REVISITING THE PARK | Playing with guns
    Around that proud age of owning the first car, we gave up cap guns and our Daisy Easy Ryder BB guns for hot popcorn, cold beer and drive-in movies. 
  • In recent weeks, Seattle’s leaders have disdainfully shown they know how to exert their undue influence on local politics. 
  • It’s been a hugely busy month on the local political scene. But lost in the blizzard of headlines was the truly remarkable lawsuit filed on May 28 by more than 100 rank-and-file Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers. 
  • During the short, hectic days of affirmative action, one of the core Republican talking points was how hardworking middle Americans (catchphrase for “white people”) are paying their taxes and the poor, inner-city people were just living off of them. 
  • MILT PRIGGEE | July 2014
    To view more of Milt Priggee's work, visit 
  • Drivers are still fuming over the traffic standstill June 10 that left many people stuck on the roads for hours. 
  • As some school campuses across the country — and now even in Seattle — know all too well, gun violence can erupt at the seemingly unlikeliest of places. 
  • A building on Aurora Avenue North was recently branded with a new message that said, “Metro stop stealing our lanes.” 
  • That won’t be the slogan on the yard signs when Mayor Ed Murray’s new partially Universal Preschool proposal goes to the ballot in Seattle this November, but it should be. 
  • The Seattle City Council has approved a ballot measure for the August primary to create a $48 million Metropolitan Park District (MPD). Contrary to how council members portray it, this is not a simple renewal of our current, six-year parks levy. 
  • Both psychological trauma and depression have a bearing on any effort to stop the violence we are seeing on the inner city streets of Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. 
  • Columnist Richard Carl Lehman is taking this issue off. His column will return in the July issue. 
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