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  • It’s time Seattle officials got serious about finding transportation solutions that don’t just involve dedicated bike lanes taking up valuable real estate on roadways. 
  • The recent anti-police-brutality protests around the country and here in Seattle have demonstrated that something needs to be done to give people a clearer sense of what happens during incidents when police officers kill possible suspects in the line of duty. 
  • The activists are right to ask for help from city leaders. Now is the time for us all to thank the elephants for their years at WPZ by funding a retirement — in a sanctuary — that they can really enjoy. 
  • Over the weekend, it was revealed that the Seattle School Board may offer interim Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Superintendent Larry Nyland the permanent position 
  • The most important election result for Seattleites this month wasn’t passage of a pilot program for universal preschool. And it wasn’t the end of Elizabeth Campbell’s monorail fantasy. 
  • We’re now just one year from electing seven councilmembers under the new district election system overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2013.  
  • What kind of nation we will have for the next two years was determined by the recent election results. This, of course, will be spun as a rejection of President Barack Obama, but if you know U.S. history, you know that it was far more than that. 
  • MILT PRIGGEE | December 2014
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  • With Washington as the No. 1 state for property crime in the nation, some Seattle neighborhoods have taken matters into their own hands (and pockets) to do something about it. 
  • Anyone living on or traveling to and from Queen Anne and Seattle Center knows that the Mercer corridor project has made traffic a mess. And the area has seen a recent bout of extra closures and delays. 
  • The full Seattle City Council will vote Monday, Nov. 24, on its amended budget that includes more than $14 million in changes to Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed 2015-16 biennial budget. 
  • This year’s local elections went well for Seattle’s progressive voters. Sixty-one percent of Seattle voters passed Proposition 1, which will give King County Metro an extra $45 million per year for in-city bus routes.  
  • Last week, it was revealed that the FBI created a fake Associated Press (AP) story via a false link in the style of The Seattle Times to catch a 15-year-old bomb-threat suspect in 2007. 
  • Following the Oct. 24 shooting deaths of three students at Marysville Pilchuck High School by a close, popular classmate, there has been a spate of violence threatened at Puget Sound-area high schools. 
  • REVISITING THE PARK | Able to leap tall buildings
    In 1945, without the mass media of today, youths had very limited information about World War II. There was the radio, but it was censored.
  • By many measures then, new Seattle mayor Ed Murray’s proposed $4.8 billion dollar 2015-16 budget for the City of Seattle is a disappointingly immoral document. 
  • Ten years ago, they became more noticeable but still were not large enough in numbers to make a difference. But, today, these retired black baby boomers represent the most valuable human resource America has ever had. 
  • The revision is inconvenient and dangerous. I live on 39th Avenue and use the route daily. This route is the only way I can get directly from my house to any point north of the neighborhood.  
  • MILT PRIGGEE | Nov. 5, 2014
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  • Seattle’s Freedom Socialist party came under fire last week when it posted a job opening for a web-content manager that was part-time, didn’t allow telecommuting and, most importantly, only paid $13 per hour. 
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