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  • The hardy banana tree
    A banana tree in the Pacific Northwest? It’s true. 
  • Pricing your home for the present

    As the summer eases into fall, overall home sales have cooled in comparison to the spring and summer. The market has shifted, and it would be easy to chalk this up to a weakened market or natural seasonal variation. 

  • Bidding wars: Bad for buyers?
    Common sense and proven sales strategies tend to fly out the window when there are rumors of a bidding war just down the block.
  • Those inclined to costume up for Halloween are invited to gather with Madrona Community Council members and other neighbors at the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse at 4:30pm on Oct. 31.
  • Leschi council to discuss ST3, I-732 on Oct. 5
    Our Oct. 5 meeting will feature pro and con speakers on two of the more complicated ballot issues.
  • McGilvra Elementary Run-a-thon returns
    This Oct. 7, the McGilvra Elementary PTA is excited to build upon the success of last year’s Run-a-thon, the school’s only all-school, student-run fundraiser to provide vital support to McGilvra teachers and programs. 
  • Growing winter cover crops
    Cover crops can nourish and protect your soil from the harshness of winter! Plant them from seed in the fall after removing spent tomatoes, squash and other warm-weather crops.
  • The Mimosa: Arboriculture's Meryl Streep
    Like great actors, some trees have the ability to set a mood in a garden and give it a cultural reference. 
  • The pros and cons of staging your home
    Let’s be honest, staging is major up-front cost.  While everyone agrees that a staged home looks better, is there a financial upside to staging? Is staging really worth the added expense?
  • Buyers’ fatigue is real! If you are a buyer, you have spent days, weeks and months in this sellers’ market competing to own a home. Well, hang in there. We think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I am asked all the time if our Seattle market is getting too frothy. 
  • Luxury CB Bain office opens in former home of Madison House Ltd
    International real estate broker Coldwell Banker Bain has opened a luxury office in the former Madison House Ltd. offices at the intersection of East Madison Street, East Howe Street and 43rd Avenue East.
  • Sound Transit approves affordable housing near light rail
    The Sound Transit Board unanimously approved a purchase and development agreement with Gerding Edlen during its July 28 general meeting, allow Capitol Hill Housing to begin constructing its 100-percent affordable housing complex on the north end of the Capitol Hill light rail station in 2018, once funding is in place.
  • The explosive rosebud
    Walking the sidewalks of our neighborhood this month, you’re likely to come under a canopy of leaves producing shade that has a gentle wine red glow. 
  • 6 reasons not to pay off your mortgage early
    Life without a mortgage is the dream of those who have achieved the “American Dream” of home ownership.
  • More single-family homes available in Seattle
    Coldwell Banker Bain released its second quarterly market report on July 15, providing a variety of statistics for the sale of homes in neighborhoods and counties throughout the Puget Sound region.
  • How to make financial literacy fun
    What important lessons will you teach your child this summer? Riding a bike? Sharing with others? How about teaching them important financial skills.
  • People outside of the Pacific Northwest may think it rains here year-round, but last year’s extreme drought was a good reminder of how dry the air and soil can get when it is not raining.
  • 5 easy ways to live more sustainably
    It might not feel like you alone can have an impact on the environment, but over time, small lifestyle changes can make a substantial difference.
  • While we’re seeing some homes in the range of $2 million and above stay on the market a little longer than they had in previous months, homes are still selling for no other reason than because the supply is limited. 
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