Update: Seattle Police tweeted early Thursday morning that Leonardo Riviera had been taken into custody.

Seattle Police are searching for a man alleged by Meany Middle School students to have entered the Capitol Hill campus on Monday morning and made threats.

A news release states 26-year-old Leonardo Riviera is believed to be the suspect who reportedly walked up to the school around 8:45 a.m. on Feb. 28 and made claims that he had a knife, also imitating a gun with his hand.

“I think our officers knew who he was just on the description and him being in the area,” said Seattle Police Detective Patric Michaud.

Meany principal Chanda Oatis sent a notice of the incident to parents and guardians, which states the suspect had also attempted to enter the school by the main door as school was starting.

“Because he was a non-parent, he was immediately intercepted by district staff. At the same time, students reported to school leadership the threats that were overheard,” Oatis’ letter reads. “Per district protocols, we immediately notified the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and district’s Safety and Security Office. SPD responded, removed the individual from the school and began their investigation, which has continued throughout the day.”

SPD is asking anyone who sees Riviera to call 911 immediately.