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  • The other night, I watched the MSNBC special on the assassination of abortion doctor George Tiller. He was shot in 2009 in his church by a man who was obeying God’s order to stop the killing of unborn babies. 
  • Exercise in Seattle: Is your workout up to snuff?
    With the sun out longer and temperature on the rise, a standard question is asked: What are Seattleites doing for exercise these days? 
  • February is American Heart Month, and while many people will talk about heart disease and stroke, there are other heart conditions that people may not even know they have. 

  • Pathologist-turned-patient provides unique story in 'Red Sunshine'

    Dr. Kimberly Allison, a breast pathologist at the University of Washington Medical Center, was 33 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

    In contrast to how she dealt with cancer professionally, Allison said she was shocked, terrified and highly shaken. But after persevering through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, the cancer is reportedly gone...

  • I’ve been talking about Simplicity for many years, and although it’s an ancient philosophy that has...
  • It’s not surprising that the beginning of each new year finds me reviewing my life and looking forward to the changes I want to see...
  • Jewish Family Service is offering free professional and support services for primary caregivers of family or friends...
  • Maybe recess is too short at your child’s school. Or maybe sports teams aren’t offered at school...
  • People who are lonely and isolated in their senior years tend to be in poorer physical and mental health than their contemporaries who are in loving relationships...
  • Many parents have a difficult time making their kids eat healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Apples and pears — no way! Brussels sprouts and spinach — forget it! Broccoli — that will be the day!
  • There are two types of flu this season, each coming at different times. This fall into early winter, H1N1 will be more common.
  • Hope races from shore to shore
    Ren Whiting is learning to take life as each day comes. For Whiting and his 6-year-old son, Jack, this Sunday morning will assume an entirely new meaning than it has each of the last three years. The two will run without Gretchen, Jack's loving mother, but her memory will certainly be alive with each stride.
  • Walking for more than a cure
    Inside the Cherry Hill campus at Swedish Medical Center in the Central Area, medical experts are keeping hope alive. For more than 200,000 patients diagnosed annually with primary or metastatic brain tumors, hope cannot come fast enough.
  • Faced with getting the lead out
    Starting in March, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will hold thrift stores in America to higher health standards when they sell used children's clothing and toys.
  • Getting to the root of America's obesity epidemic
    Adam Drewnowski's research foreshadows how we view obesity, and, more importantly, poverty in America.
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