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  • When I was little, one of the first “tricks” my father, a New York City high school physics teacher, showed me was how to tell if an egg was uncooked or hard-boiled after he got me to reluctantly admit that I couldn’t tell by looking at them.
  • Chef in the Hat sets his plate at Bravo's TV table
    From his birth on a kitchen table to his upcoming appearance on the second season of Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters,” Thierry Rautureau has spent a lifetime around food.
  • In a few short days it will be spring, and with it come the ancient spring festivals of Easter, celebrated by Christians around the world, and Passover, celebrated by Jews around the world. Being Jewish, I can recall the great festive meals (Seder) of Passover, recalling the drama of the exodus, we would have during my childhood.
  • Dinner time is just a few hours away, and the thought of a simmering cauldron filled with whatever I can find in her refrigerator thrown in - along with some herbs, spices and maybe some wine - is eminently comforting.
  • In celebration of this season's harvest, as well as an excuse to bring far-reaching family and friends together, we will soon celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Years ago, when I was living in Geneva, October arrived and I knew the time had come to introduce my Swiss counterparts to the joys of pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie and all things pumpkin.

    Knowing the Seattle markets would be full of those lovely orange members of the gourd family, I realized I had no idea what the French word for "pumpkin" was - it was not a word that had come up in conversation during my nearly one year living there.
  • A cracker-jack team bakes up successful food partnership
    La Panzanella, a baker and distributor of high-end Italian crackers called Croccantini (or "crunchy, little bites" in Italian), is now making a name for itself in the food industry with its new zesty Fieri brand.
  • From delivery to desserts
    When Barbara Schwartz left Southern California for Seattle in 2002, her intent was to take a brief career sabbatical. But Schwartz, a registered obstetrician, discovered a secondary passion that had laid dormant for decades: the craft of baking.
  • DISHING IT UP | A peachy keen summer awaits
    Who among us cannot recall the trickle of juice dripping down our chins upon biting into a ripe, juicy summer peach? Of all the fruits available to us the peach is the most sensual - from the heady aroma and velvety skin to the yellow, juicy flesh.
  • St. Clouds restaurant, 1131 34th Ave., is now serving up a healthy round of discussion on the first Tuesday night of each month.
  • I have had a fish fry at my home for the last 15 years. Through my fish-fry events, I found that people really like fried fish.
  • If you're an instant-gratification person, growing asparagus isn't for you. However, we lucky folks can pick up the tasty bundles in the produce department of our neighborhood grocers with no energy expended.
  • Madison Valley welcomes more of the sweet stuff with new chocolatier
    Living in Madison Valley just got a little sweeter. Last Friday, May 1, Suess Chocolates & Pastries opened at 2909B E. Madison St., hoping to seduce customers with its specialty German chocolates and provide Oh! Chocolate with some neighborly competition.
  • Since I was a little girl the month of May has had one great significance for me: Mother's Day. As I reconstruct those Mother's Days breakfast I would lovingly prepare for my mother back in the Bronx in the late '40s, the memory is less of the burnt toast I would serve or of the eggs I would struggle to scramble, but more of the antique jelly glass in which I would get to put the some orange marmalade (her favorite)
  • Getting sharp on razor clams
    This weekend, I fled to the rainy, cold stormy, windswept ocean beach in the town of Moclips on the Olympic Peninsula. What I learned upon my arrival is that the entire area was getting ready for thousands of folks to throng to this surf-swept area for the second weekend of razor clam digging of the year.
  • Sitting down with citrus
    This is the time of the year when I really miss my mother - or should I say the boxes of Florida oranges she would send me no matter where I happened to live.
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