After months of clearing invasive vegetation, tennis balls, a tire and other manmade debris from along the East Prospect Street End, and then plotting new pedestrian pathways and a restoration plan, the public property is ready for a fall planting.

Madison Park resident Gene Brandzel, who has been spearheading the restoration of the public shoreline street end with support from SDOT, tells the Madison Park Times that 27 trees will be professionally planted ahead of a major work party where 150-200 native plants will planted at East Prospect from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5. Brandzel believes the work can be accomplished with 30 volunteers. He encourages people to bring their own trowels, knee pads and gloves if they have them. If not, equipment will be provided.

Work to prepare the East Prospect Street End, including pulling countless ivy, blackberry bushes and other non-native plants out along the 11,000-square-foot public right of way has been ongoing since April.

People interested in supporting the project with financial or volunteer support are asked to contact Brandzel at

There are 35 Seattle street ends abutting Lake Washington under the purview of SDOT’s Shoreline Street Ends Program.