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  • Off the highway:

    Most travelers on Interstate 5 probably don’t know what they’ve been passed at 70 mph when they pass Chehalis and Centralia, halfway between Seattle and Portland.

    Although they generally just make the news when that area floods — most recently in 2007 — rich history continues to run through their streets.

  • Anacortes: Forget the ferry

    “Annie’s Corsets” — that’s what my father always called it. 

    It’s actually named for Anna Curtis, the wife of Amos Bowman, an early Fidalgo Island settler.

  • Washington Public Market now open in Snohomish

    The Washington Public Market and Wine Cellars has opened in Snohomish, providing yet another good reason to visit this charming, old city on the river.

  • SHORT GETAWAYS | Geese or swans: They're back
    Here’s an efficient antidote to the post-holiday blues: Get on Interstate 5, point your car north and drive an hour to see...
  • All kinds of festive fun is coming up during holiday season
    The holidays are fast approaching: Seattle and surrounding areas are gearing up to celebrate the season in numerous ways. So get out your calendar and pencil in some festive fun with friends and family as the days grow shorter and cooler.
  • Winter — the single word evokes a spectrum of reactions among us all...
  • Places to play games around Puget Sound
    Stretching more than 100 miles from north to south, the Puget Sound basin holds a handful of...
  • Take a small-town walk north of Seattle
    With winter coming on, it’s time to look beyond the mountain hikes...
  • Arts Alive! in La Conner
    Not just an art festival, Arts Alive! is a huge community event in La Conner.
  • What to do within 90 minutes of Seattle?
    The middle of August has passed, and all of a sudden, you realize summer's on its way out...
  • On Camano Island, you can shop seashells on the beach in two state parks...
  • The middle of August has passed, and all of a sudden, you realize summer's on its way out, too. Where can you go for a quick getaway around here?
  • A big world waits over there on the other side of them thar hills — with sun, blue sky and warm air, not to mention fine wine. The challenge, really, is choosing where in Eastern Washington to go wine touring: Yakima Valley, Columbia Valley, Wenatchee Valley or Walla Walla Valley — how to decide?
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