Join the Leschi Community Council for a winter wine tasting at BluWater Bistro (102 Lakeside Ave.) on Jan. 19, from 6 to 9 p.m., co-hosted by Leschi Market. Appetizers and nonalcoholic drinks will be provided. 

Tickets are available through Brownpapertickets.com at $30 each. Proceeds support the council’s ongoing work in the community, which will focus on traffic calming and public stairway improvements in 2013.

Watch for Leschi’s 2013 calendar to appear at Leschi Market. It features 12 local artists and their artistic depictions of Leschi in watercolor, pastels and photography.  

Pre-orders are being taken at leschinews@comcast.com.

Several of the artists showed their work at Leschi Art Walk last June.

On Feb. 6, we will feature two speakers at our monthly meeting: Art Brochet from the Seattle Department of Transportation, who will talk about the plans to build a permanent retaining wall on Lake Dell; and Carver Gayton, a Madrona resident and author of a recent book on his great-grandfather, Lewis George Clarke, who was a runaway slave. 

Gayton’s book is called a facsimile edition of his great-grandfather’s original story.Lewis George Clarke published the story of his life as a slave in 1845, after he had escaped from Kentucky and become a well-regarded abolitionist lecturer throughout the North. His book was the first work by a slave to be acquired by the Library of Congress and placed under copyright. 

We will have copies of the book available at the meeting.

— Diane Snell, co-president


Madison Park 

I hope you attended the Madison Park Holiday Bash, heard the jazz, ate the Park Shore cookies and drank the cocoa and perhaps even Starbucks’ coffee. Seattle Parks and Recreation staff Marc Hoffman and Moshe Hecht were great partners in making the visit of the Christmas Ships and carolers so very special. Bravo to Nichole Silveira and Carol Loe, who led the effort, assisted by many wonderful volunteers. They all deserve a big thank you.

The big news for the new year is that the Madison Park Community Council (MPCC) is working with Seattle Parks and Recreation to permit the MPCC to hold evening and weekend programs at the Bath House. Carol Loe is the moving force behind and in front of this effort. This is just in its infancy, but we hope to begin to offer a variety of classes and other regular programs so that the Bath House becomes our active community center. 

Other new programs are in the works. We are looking at whether we can develop a plan with the Seattle Department of Transportation to review and perhaps improve the safety of the intersection of McGilvra Boulevard East and East Madison Street, both for pedestrians and automobiles. The effort is being led by Alice Lanczos, in cooperation with the Madison Park Business Association (MPBA). 

A related safety issue being looked into is improving the safety for pedestrians crossing East Madison at 32nd Avenue East. We intend to work with the Greater Madison Valley Community Council in this effort. 

We are continuing our current programs in the new year, including: 

•The Disaster Relief effort, now led by Bob Steedman; 

•A sidewalk improvements program, led by Shane Skinner and Christopher Lewis; 

•Our joint program with Park Shore, “Meet Your Extraordinary Neighbor”; and

•Our effort, in cooperation with the MPBA, to encourage the merchants and the building owners in the Madison Park business district to do more to maintain and improve the shopping experience. 

Lauren Albrecht continues to use her professional skills to widen our audience on Facebook, Twitter, Madison Park Nextdoor and in developing our new website, which will soon be ready for launching. 

Liz Brandzel is again leading the Snow Brigade program. Our volunteers will be ready if that big winter blast happens and our neighbors need help. You should keep handy the Snow Brigade Hotline number: (206) 249-9230.

Kudos are owed to all of you who have shown your support of our efforts by making generous contributions to the MPCC — thank you. We will do our best to show you that your support and your contribution are worthwhile. 

If you haven’t and wish to contribute to help keep the MPCC programs on track, please write a check, payable to the Madison Park Community Council, and mail or take it to the council’s mailbox at Park Postal, 4111 E. Madison St., Box #48, Seattle, WA 98112. 

We hope you can join us for our next MPCC meeting, on Monday, Jan. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Bath House, 1900 43rd Ave. E. Bring your suggestions for other community issues you would like the MPCC to deal with. 

— Gene Brandzel, president



Madrona Community Council’s (MCC) fall event for adults was the wine tasting held at Glassybaby studio; it proved to be a successful fund-raiser for the council.

The council has added an additional fund-raiser this year, in the form of the holiday-wreath sale, which will help MCC continue to sponsor such events as the Halloween party and Mayfair at no cost to the participants.

In very local November election news, the principal officers for the council will return for another year. Holly Smith will serve as president, and Susan Minogue as vice president. Casey Losh remains the treasurer, and Stacey Kryman will organize another year of successful events as vice president for events. 

No one volunteered to serve as secretary; that office remains open, but board members agreed to rotate secretary duties so that results from each meeting are posted to the website at www.madrona.us and summarized each month in Madrona News.

— Reprinted with permission from Madrona Community Council’s Madrona News newsletter