Seattle Public Utilities is working to hold accountable the party responsible for a cement slurry ending up in the city’s sewer system near 39th Avenue East and East Howe Street.

The slurry was discovered by SPU crews performing scheduled jet cleaning, according to SPU spokesperson Andy Ryan.

Photos provided to MPT by resident Reg Newbeck on Aug. 21 show an emergency pump and bypass that were put in place. While the slurry caused some damage, it did not cause a blockage, Ryan said.

“SPU is working with the responsible party to cover costs associated with the damage and repair,” Ryan wrote in an email to MPT.

This was Ryan’s last communiqué before his retirement. While Ryan's message seems to indicate the "responsible party" has been identified, SPU communications strategic advisor Ellen Pepin-Cato told MPT on Friday the matter was still under investigation. Pepin-Cato has not yet responded to other requests for further information.