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  • A day in the life of Gus Arno
    Revisiting the Park columnist Richard Carl Lehman goes back in time again to share the antics aboard the USS Gus Arno, a party vessel that made its way across Seattle waters.
  • Playing in the sun: the good, the bad, the bottom line
    If you’ve lived in Seattle long enough, you’ve either been to, or know of the annual pilgrimage of Seattleites to the desert in an effort to get some sun and sanity during the seemingly endless periods of rain and cold that is a hallmark of the Pacific Northwest climate.
  • Cruising Madison waters on USS Gus Arno
    In the late ‘60s Madison Park was mostly renters and singles. Weekdays were quiet, but on weekends the taverns were jam-packed with party-happy regulars. Along came the invention of a wee party boat named The Gus Arno. It was to be a surreal way to over-fun and provide the revelers a new name to fame.
  • Remnants of the past

    Madison Park underwent a vast change in the late ‘40s. The once thriving restaurants that served hearty meals for those working on the war effort started to shut down or move. Many university students and office workers took advantage of the cheap rents due to the vacancies of these folks who moved, trying to find work elsewhere. 

  • Keep Douglas Firs out of city gardens
    Like animals, some trees just don’t domesticate well. They belong in the wild. Our venerable and beloved Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a prime example. Yet, scan the horizon of Madison Park and you’ll see them poking up here and there.
  • Prep for spring sports
    While the worst of winter is likely yet to come, the sun will be out soon, which means Mt. Rainier and the Pacific Northwest trails will be calling your name, outdoor tennis courts will be back on serve, and the smell of fresh-cut grass and crisp morning dew will draw golfers back onto the course to make 2019 the year they finally beat their handicap.
  • I don't like your building, PCC

    Fifteen years ago, I became a member of the Mad P P-patch, the community garden at 30th and East Mercer, just downhill from City People’s Garden Store. The Mad P is one of 88 community gardens in this city, and we are here, in part, because of you: it was PCC who helped start the City of Seattle’s P-Patch program back in 1973.

  • Top-3 healthy habits for 2019
    Resolutions don’t work. New habits, however, work like a charm! 
  • Did Santa bring you an emergency kit?
    With devastating fires and smoke beginning to define our summers, and the recent large earthquake in Alaska, do you feel the clock is ticking for a climate emergency in Seattle? How prepared are you if a catastrophic event strikes our region?
  • The forgotten smells

    Growing up in Madison Park was truly extraordinary. There were more neighborhoods in Seattle back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, but only Madison Park has stood the test of time. 

  • The senior 'athlete'
    Why is “Athlete” in quotations?  Because all seniors are “athletes.” Merriam-Webster defines athlete as “a person who is trained in or good at sports, games, or exercises that require physical skill and strength.”
  • The housing crisis that magically vanished
    Seattle District 3 Councilmember Kshama Sawant shares her criticism of the Seattle City Council and Mayor Jenny Durkan's approach to budget talks and the ongoing homelessness and affordable housing crisis.
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