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  • Three tips for staying active with arthritis
    Often, patients will ask me about staying active after they’ve been told they have arthritis. It can be very discouraging for people, and they might even feel like they can’t be active anymore when their joints are painful from the most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis.
  • Winning tips for Washington State Open
    In light of the United States Tennis Association’s Washington State Open tournament being held at the Seattle Tennis Club July 31-Aug. 5, NW Sports Rehab of Madison Park is providing some helpful tips for the competitors on the last stop on the Northwest Regional.
  • Summer tips for staying pain free
    Summer fun is happening, now that the sun has come out, the kids have finished another school year, and the rain has finally stopped. Nothing ruins a fun summer trip like pain, so here are some practical tips to stay out of pain and enjoy your holiday.
  • Exploring Ethiopia
    I’m your 52-year-old Madison Park neighbor, father, husband and local real estate broker. At first glance, I might seem like a normal guy, but lurking just beneath the surface is a powerful addiction.
  • Strawberry trees look pretty, but fruit isn’t as tasty as some would think
    The Pacific Northwest suffers no paucity of beautiful broad-leafed evergreen trees. In addition to bringing verdant texture to the winter garden, many like Magnolias and Camellias reward the gardener (and indeed all who see them) with spectacular spring blooms.
  • A 365-day Magnolia
    About the time this month’s issue of The Madison Park Times lands in your mailbox, you may be taking a stroll though the neighborhood. You’ll spot a lawn or sidewalk beneath which colorful petals in rose, pink and cream are heavily strewn, as if the procession of some ancient potentate were about to commence.
  • Eating out on the town back in the day
    Growing up in Riverton Heights was all country, and people were mostly on the poor side. It was the tail end of the Depression and World War II loomed ahead. On hot summer days the youngsters ran around barefoot in bib overalls. Going out to eat was a real thrill, but it meant donning proper attire.
  • Opioid crisis a local problem

    For the first time since the advisory against alcohol consumption for pregnant women in 2005, the U.S. Surgeon General on April 5 issued an advisory for more American citizens to carry the opioid antidote Naloxone.

  • Madison Valley author compiles 'Places of Interest'
    What “Madison Valley: Places of Interest” does is establish an entertaining and informative starting point for discovery in the neighborhood. It’s a foundation for people to build on through their own experiences navigating Madison Valley, and outlines a history of community and community led projects Isabelle Gray hopes people can take pride in.
  • Our magnificent camellia trees
    What most likely has happened when you see a camellia that is short and roundish is that some, hum? What is the word? Bozo! Some ignoramus has gone after this noble plant and whacked it back to keep it from reaching its full size, thereby robbing the garden and the world of a magnificent broadleaved evergreen tree that rewards us with a spectacular bloom show about this time of year.
  • Exploring the region's depths
    A short 66 years ago, my friends and I experienced skin diving by way of a water tank, compressor and hoses.  It was truly a great adventure, but the thermal layer cut it short. 
  • The majestic elm
    Turn uphill on East 36th Avenue off East Madison Street. This month you’ll find yourself looking up through a black filagree of graceful tree limbs and branches — elm trees in their winter nudity.
  • If you’ve been combing through the paper or online and noticed something different, it’s that there’s a new Madison Park Times editor on the job.
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