A situation involving the dumping of cement slurry into the city’s sewer system in Madison Park has worsened since August.

A private contractor working on a home near 39th Avenue and East Howe Street is responsible for the cement entering the system. At that time, Seattle Public Utilities told MPT the slurry caused some damage, but did not cause a blockage.

SPU spokesperson Mary Kelley now tells MPT the contractor found a damaged section of the pipe while clearing a blockage last week, and that the pipe needs to be replaced.

A pump and bypass equipment remain in place, and the replacement work is expected to last up to six weeks.

“There is temporary loss of some on-street parking and lane closures on 39th Avenue E., although local access will be maintained,” Kelley wrote to MPT.

She declined to provide the full cost of the repairs and the identity of the contractor, directing MPT to file a public disclosure request.

SPU reports it expects to be able to provide those requested documents within 30 days.