Where did all the benches on Ave go?

I found to the dismay of my tired self that the bench was gone from the Metro bus-stop shelter at [Northeast] 50th [Street] on the Ave (University Way Northeast) - very peculiar.

Then I noticed that the benches in front of the University Bookstore have disappeared.

Is this a [Greater University] chamber of commerce ploy to drive us into coffee shops to rest?

Are cops trying to raise citation counts by forcing us to sit on the sidewalk?

What's going on?

Henry Noble
North Seattle

(Editor's note: According to Metro Transit planner Mary Bemowski, benches were removed from bus stops along University Way Northeast about a year ago at the request of nearby businesses that complained of loiterers and drug use in the bus shelters.

Metro Transit hopes to replace the benches with single seats, which would discourage loitering and drug use in these areas, Bemowski said.

As for the benches in front of the University Book Store, the Seattle Department of Transportation is investigating their disappearance, said Karen Ko, University District Neighborhood Service Center coordinator.

The benches in front of the University Bookstore were installed during the 2003 Ave Project.)

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