Community re-engagement

New association president, Jones de Borges hopes to reinvigorate Madrona

Community re-engagement

Community re-engagement

After more than a year of little activity because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Madrona Community Council has re-emerged as the Madrona Neighborhood Association and is ready to resume activities in the community.

A new name is not the only change on the board. Leading the revival of the neighborhood organization is a new president, Monica Jones de Borges, a longtime Madrona resident who hopes to create new interest and ideas in the community.

“The point is for the whole community to be a part of it and not for us to be running things,” she said.

While the purpose of the Madrona Neighborhood Association is the same as before, Jones de Borges said the new name will make the organization sound more inviting and less corporate.

While other community councils or neighborhood associations have a more political outlook, Madrona’s is more social in nature. Jones de Borges said the top priorities of the Madrona Neighborhood Association are to promote good relationships, support businesses and activities and welcome community engagement.

“I think the mission is to keep the community safe and comfortable and positive and bring fun things and events that support a working community,” Jones de Borges said. “That means a community that works together to support each other.”

Jones de Borges originally got involved last fall when she approached the association about creating a food pantry and helping with the Madrona newsletter. At the time there were only four people on the board with no president.

“And I thought, oh, you know what, I can do that for a little bit,” Jones de Borges said.

With COVID-19 forcing residents into quarantine and disrupting regular activities and schedules these past few years, people lost contact and connections with their neighbors and communities, Jones de Borges said. She would like that to change in Madrona.

“I’d like to see fresh energy and joy ... so we can start bringing back some of the events that we have done over the years and bring some more things in,” she said.

“Our goal is to get people to come together again,” she added.

Jones de Borges said one goal she has as president of the neighborhood association is to build stronger ties with the Madrona businesses.

She also encourages residents to get involved in community activities and share ideas for events or projects they would like to see happen.

“What we really need are community members to come in and help volunteer at our events and head up our events,” Jones de Borges said.

New events are already planned, including four wine tastings, with the first tentatively scheduled for Feb. 19 depending on community interest. The events, which will be limited in capacity, will take place at a private residence and feature hors d’oeuvres and 15 wines. Tickets will cost $50, and people will have to at least show proof of vaccination to attend.

To further improve communication, Jones de Borges said a new website is planned, and it will have information about the organization, a functional events calendar and a donate button.

Jones de Borges said she would like to engage more contributors for the community newsletter, which she sees as a way for the neighborhood association and business community to connect with residents.

Jones de Borges also hopes more people will attend the Madrona Neighborhood Association meetings to hear what the board is discussing, ask questions and share thoughts and concerns, as well as ideas for new events or programs.

The Madrona Neighborhood Association meets at 7 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month at the playhouse shelter house at the Madrona Playfield shelter house. The meetings typically last between an hour or hour and a half. Snacks and beverages are provided.

Email to ask about upcoming events or getting involved, or follow the Madrona Neighborhood Association Facebook and Instagram pages.