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  • City People's employees ask for community's help finding new location
    In an open letter that went out to subscribers of the store’s e-newsletter June 16, Jose Gonzales and Alison Greene asked for the community’s help finding a new home for City People’s.
  • Revisiting The Park
    Madison Park, like other cities nationwide, enjoyed a safer environment in the 1950s and ‘60s. Everyone left their doors and cars unlocked, there was no “fear of missing out” or “FoMO” as they say now.  It was all good enough!  There were a few exceptions.
  • Tree Talk
    Simply stated, give Hollywood Juniper a script and it will play the part.
  • Lisa Turnure named top CB Bain associate
    Lisa Turnure earned the highest closed adjusted gross commission income in 2015 among company brokers.
  • Seattle homeless say they don't want to leave the 'Jungle'
    On Friday, June 3, KUOW, Real Change and the Seattle Public Library hosted a community discussion about the "Jungle" at the Microsoft Auditorium in the library’s Central branch.
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  • Olive oil from Portugal
    When Sheila Fitzgerald, lifelong resident of Madison Park, went hiking in northern Portugal some years back, along one of the many trails that lead to the shrine of Santiago de Compostel, she made a discovery that was gustatory rather than spiritual: The fine olive oil produced at a small grove of olive trees along her path.
  • If a close friend or family member is getting married it’s an honor to be asked to join the wedding party. However, if your budget is tight because you’re saving up for a financial goal, paying off bills or have had a recent financial reversal like the loss of a job, you might need to do some thinking before you say yes.
  • ST3 light rail plan won't serve outlying growth centers
    Before giving your support to Sound Transit 3, the $50 billion plan to expand light rail (and add $400-$500 to the average annual property tax), we ask you to closely review the arguments of those urging a no vote on this measure. 
  • Seattle schools celebrate Garfield track coach
    Seattle Public Schools is celebrating longtime Garfield High School coach Greg Brashear’s induction into the Washington Interscholastic Activities (WIAA) Hall of Fame. Officially inducted in 2015, the WIAA held their induction ceremony for Coach Brashear in May.

  • Becoming financially responsible for an aging parent
    At a future point in time, your parents will struggle with tasks that were once easy. The likely sphere where you’ll first intercede: The business transactions of daily living – crunching numbers, balancing check books, managing investments, and paying bills.
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