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  • Inslee makes case for carbon tax
    Though the wildfire-induced haze shrouding much of Western Washington this week began to fade by Thursday morning — if only temporarily — Gov. Jay Inslee expressed his concern over what the future may hold.
  • Korean-fusion restaurant replacing Bella Viet Café in Madison Park

    Madison Park has a way of backfilling its losses. A Thai restaurant is going away, and another will take its place. Long after losing its bookstore, a new one will soon open on East Madison Street.

  • Leschi, Lakewood moorage replacement could start next spring
    Marina Management partner Peter Joer expects permitting for replacing Leschi and Lakewood’s public moorage to come through in time for a spring 2019 start date. Meanwhile, residents continue to appeal decisions by the City of Seattle to turn over management of the marinas to a private operator while also pushing for more environmental scrutiny.
  • Council confirms Carmen Best as new Seattle Police chief
    The Seattle City Council unanimously confirmed Carmen Best as the next police chief on Monday, Aug. 13, ending a lengthy search process that previously removed the 26-year SPD veteran from the running.
  • Cheese Platters comes back with more
    Joyce Hosea is having a blast in her kitchen, thinking of what scratch-made offerings will show up next at Cheese Platters and More.
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  • Man dies after jumping into Lake Washington in handcuffs
    The Washington State Patrol reports a 31-year-old Kirkland man died early Friday after jumping into Lake Washington from the State Route 520 bridge as a trooper was attempting to arrest him for driving under the influence.
  • Arboretum has pull with Student Conservation Association volunteers
    The students made the first dent in what will be an 18-month effort to clear invasive vegetation and enhance collections belonging to the University of Washington along the Lake Washington Boulevard and new Arboretum Loop Trail corridors, which is being funded by a gift to the Arboretum Foundation.

  • This is a doozy of a cold and flu season. Some report that the flu vaccine has only been about 10 percent effective making it even more difficult to avoid an infection. Have you talked with your primary care doctor or visited the Madison Park Pharmica for a strategy to treat a cold or flu?
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