Revisiting the Park: Will this be the year?

In the aftermath of the Great Depression and WWII, children had gotten used to staying indoors. The blackouts kept our days short, but we finally found freedom toward the end of the war and enjoyed it to the fullest. Maybe we were just energetic, as unfearful boys can be, but when we walked to J. J. McGilvra we discovered the thrill of running and sliding on small frozen bodies of water (as in chuckholes). Even the alleys were icy and begging for recognition.

Get Growing: Tracking the Garden: Journals and Labels

Like lost socks in the laundry, plant tags tend to wander. Who knows what happens to them? Sometimes, they take a dive and bury themselves at planting, sometimes they fly away on the wind, and sometimes the tag sticks around, but the faded writing needs an archeologist to resurrect. Whether it’s happenstance, a mischievous raven or spirit having a little fun, it leaves the gardener at a loss as to how to proceed. Knowing what you’re growing is a basic building block for your horticultural efforts.

2024: The year to volunteer

Madison Park closed out 2023 with multiple holiday events- the first Tree Lighting in the Park with over 50 from McGilvra Elementary School singing “Frosty the Snowman” and “Hot Chocolate” wreath making class at the Bathhouse, Pop-up Artisan Markets and Santa visiting Red Wagon Toys. On Dec. 21, Santa visited the Bathhouse, along with Christmas Ships and cookies and a beach bonfire.

History and sports from 100 years ago still alive today

While Seattle sports history is powering Hollywood’s holiday lineup, another inspirational Seattle sports tale likewise received a new treatment. Queen Anne author Kevin Ticen has released the second edition of his book, “When It Mattered Most.” When It Mattered Most tells the triumphant story of the Seattle Metropolitans, America’s first Stanley cup champions, as they claimed hockey’s greatest prize amidst the uncertainty of the United States entering World War I. The new second edition features an updated hardback cover and six additional chapters taking the story through the war’s conclusion, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and culminating with the monumental 1919 Stanley Cup Final.

Seattle reopens a cinematic icon

SIFF Cinema Downtown takes the place of the venue formerly known as Cinerama.

Around town with Friends of Madison Park

A look at upcoming holiday events in the area.

Local family takes lead in developing Christmas Cup online event

North Pole Soccer is an interactive story that follows a group of elite soccer elves as they compete in an annual soccer tournament.

Madison Park is full of upcoming holiday festivities

A look at upcoming holiday events in the area.

WSDOT's guide for safe winter driving

Studded tires allowed in Washington from Nov. 1 to March 31.

WSDOT official: New projects funded 'in lieu of' infrastructure items

It isn’t a lack of money, but how the agency is directed by the Legislature to spend it, says deputy director.

State will participate in IRS' free Direct File program

Washington is among 13 states invited to take part in a pilot program by the IRS for a free tax-filing program next year.

Bloodworks Northwest launches third year of ‘Music’s In Our Blood’

The campaign, which runs through Dec. 31, has a roster of partners that includes figures in the music industry.

Friends of Madison Park arrives

The energy and vibe of Madison Park is back. Neighbors are emerging after close to three years of hunkering down with Covid. Restaurants and bars are full again, shops are thriving, block parties are back, the beach has been humming this summer and the parks ringing with the sounds of children on the playground, tennis balls pinging and dogs in the park.

SPF’s Sponsor-a-Horse fundraiser benefitting the SPD Mounted Patrol Unit is underway

The Seattle Police Foundation is excited to launch its inaugural Sponsor-a-Horse fundraiser, benefiting the Seattle Police Department’s iconic Mounted Patrol Unit.

Chinese lanterns from Brazil part of quirky plant world

The plant world is quirky. The gotta-have-it plant of two decades ago is now hortus non grata.