Real Estate


Real estate: Adjusting to the new market

We have a logjam — despite being in a strong seller’s market, few houses are on the market.

Real estate: Spring market arrives early

While many buyers sat out the last quarter of 2023, interest rates are better and they are back and actively seeking homes.

Real estate: Maximizing your home sale in today’s market

Despite market conditions, many homeowners are expecting to sell their homes at a premium cost without much prep work.

Sudore: Change coming to real estate market in 2024

We’re seeing indications of more inventory available for sale, starting early in 2024.

Seattle market: A real estate year like no other

Sudore: The past year has defied accepted real estate models — nothing is normal; every day is changeable.

Real estate: Year-over-year activity remains steady

As always, pricing and presentation are essential — even the most simple refresh can offer big results.

Real estate: When the right one comes along ...

For those waiting to look for a new home until the rates drop or inflation is curbed should know — the waiting game doesn’t always pay off.

Property Views: This new normal in real estate is abnormal

Comparing January to July to 2022 numbers, we’re down 34 percent in total sales — yet the pace of the market is breakneck.

Real estate: Luxury market inventory is up

The luxury market is providing house hunters with more selection, time to make decisions, and negotiating power.

Property Views: Will Seattle’s real estate market heat up?

The arrival of warmer weather does typically signal a continued season of activity in our local market.

From beaches to parks, West Seattle offers array of outdoor activities

West Seattle features hidden and well-known parks, beaches, viewpoints and outdoor opportunities.

Property Views: Real estate hits the reset button

By mid-March, available houses tightened to 4.5 months of inventory — that puts us squarely in a neutral market.

Property Views: Housing inventory still down, but good signs for market

The beginning of 2023 has brought some promising signs for our local real estate market after an uncertain fourth quarter in 2022. Triggered by declining mortgage interest rates and pent-up buyer demand, many of us have seen a return of multiple offers, especially in the mid-range price points. Real buyers are out there; with rates down, it has pushed many off the sidelines who plan to purchase now and refinance once rates come down more.

Property Views: New construction moving faster than latest data

Forget the old news — 2023 is already promising to be different.

Property Views: Get used to the newest ‘new normal’

As we end a year that saw the real estate landscape change dramatically, it’s time to recalibrate expectations about the newest “new normal.” We started the year with a strong seller’s market, with multiple competing offers escalating on the few homes for sale. The residential landscape has changed.