Get Growing: Embracing local beauty with slow flowers

The Slow Flowers Society, begun in Seattle in 2013, asks us to consider supporting local growers and to reduce the impact of transporting flowers across the world.

Revisiting the Park: I could go on and on

The character James Dean played in 'Rebel' was exactly how we were in our teenage years.

Tree Talk: The case for winter interest

The trick is in choosing the right plants for the job.

Carter: Feel that quake? Time to step up your prep

On Oct. 8, we got a big reminder of the precarious infrastructure of our Puget Sound region.

Falling Awake: A chance encounter

A weekly column from the author of 'Every Little Thing.'

Lindberg: Unearthing strength and flow in rough waters

How fluid are our sensitivity and resilience levels? How can we effectively bolster both?

Tree Talk: Goldenrain knows how to put on a show

As city lots shrink, creating a demand for smaller trees, this tree is a perfect candidate

Connecting on Corners: Emergency hubs appear and grow

In these times of incessant bad news across the airwaves, I’m keen to hear creative responses to this world gone awry. A delightful story recently reached me, describing a small neighborhood effort that led to a city-wide program for people to gather in communities, bringing their knowledge, skills, resources, and desires to be of service.

Revisiting the Park: Continuous change in the 'hood

Madison Park: “It’s good enough, ya?”

Get Growing: Important fall garden to-dos

Fall is a perfect time for taking stock, and there's still time for the tasks that will support your garden for next year.

Your Best Life: Getting grounded with Earthing

If supporters of Earthing are correct, the secret to blasting inflammation and boosting wellness might be right at your feet.

After an earthquake: The art of managing pee and poop

Perhaps you remember Tarō Gomi’s 1970s bestselling children’s picture book, Everyone Poops, featuring illustrations of all manner of animals relieving themselves, creating squealing delight for most children, along with consternation for some adults. In today’s world it’s common to see people dealing with dog poop and the consternation is when poop has been left behind. Once human animals are out of diapers and “potty trained” we take for granted that toilets will manage our human dung.

Falling Awake: A familiar story

It’s a familiar story: I met someone who became my friend. And though this someone was a man, we were never more than a friendship. From his first dance class in my studio, there was something between us that might have made people think we were more, but it was never like that.

Get Growing: Creating a private sanctuary

Think of your garden as a stage set — and you are the set designer.

Lindberg: Reishi (and cousins) — fabulous fungi

Our planet is home to an estimated 1.5 million fungal species, whose properties and functions are enormously diverse.