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Property Views: A long-term plan is key to success in this market

The real estate market in Seattle is still in high gear.

Neighborhood groups seek to stop Seattle housing upzone plan

The city of Seattle’s Mandatory Housing Affordability policy has been controversial from the start, but the tenor of the debate was ratcheted up Monday as 24 groups from around the city rallied at City Hall, vowing to stop the plan.

In with the good, out with the bad

Spring-clean your home's atmosphere to clear the air of negative energy, bring in homebuyers

Have you ever wondered why some houses sell really quickly and others equally well presented stay on the market for a long time? The atmosphere of a house can sometimes be even more important than its physical appearance. An atmosphere in a room can even influence a house sale.

ASK RAY ABOUT REAL ESTATE | It's tax time - What's deductible?

Dear Ray, I live in a condominium. I’ve been told that I cannot deduct my homeowner’s dues. I recently had to pay a special assessment for improvements. Can I deduct the amount I paid for the special assessment? Can I claim a deduction for my share of property taxes paid for common areas? As a condo owner, what deductions can I take? — K.M.

ASK RAY ABOUT REAL ESTATE | Sellers need to get aggressive

Dear Ray, My home has been on the market for almost six months. My agent says there is a large inventory of homes offered for sale and too few buyers in the marketplace. She says my house will sell eventually, and I must be patient. I don’t want to sit around waiting for a sale; do you have any tips that might help my home sell more quickly? — S.J.

ASK RAY ABOUT REAL ESTATE | Myths debunked about real estate agents

I’ve received several questions about real estate agents. Among the public there are more myths than facts. I’m going to tackle some of the popular myths.

ASK RAY ABOUT REAL ESTATE | Real estate in 2011: Tea leaves and crystal ball required

I’m anxious to buy a house while prices are low, but I need to work on my credit score and save for the down payment. What will the real estate market be like next year, in 2011?

IN THE GARDEN | Herbs in the garden

Spring is the time to plan for a bright culinary future. Herbs not only liven up your cooking, they also can be easy-care ornamental plants.

REAL ESTATE CHASE | These abodes bring new meaning for the term 'spec house'

A 5,800-square-foot Georgian Colonial-style mansion sits prominently on a prime piece of Washington Park real estate at 821 34th Ave. E. Completed late last summer, it’s a $5.65 million “spec house.”

IN THE GARDEN | Have a great-looking garden without all the work

Good garden design can reduce time spent mowing, caring for plants and weeding.

REAL ESTATE CHASE | Real estate market surges - what next?

Those looking for evidence that a comeback is under way in the local real estate market need look no further than the latest statistics from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

IN THE GARDEN | Rhododendrons add variety, color to planting design

Almost everyone in the Northwest has a rhododendron in his or her garden. They are so commonplace we overlook the value that they can bring to planting design.

REAL ESTATE CHASE | Are we dense enough yet?

There was a time not that long ago when Madison Park could lay claim to a significant number of modest homes with airy yards and plenty of space between neighbors.

IN THE GARDEN | Make your garden flow with water features

Add the magic of water to you garden without breaking the budget or spending a lot of time on maintenance. The key is to keep it simple. Even a small water feature can have a big impact.

Building better communication

Contracting company develops software to keep customers updated on projects

After working as a contractor with his Seattle-based The Finish Co. for a few years, owner and Madison Valley resident Michael Grabham said he became frustrated with the seemingly endless lack of communication between contractors and their customers. He spent three years developing software to help clients stay connected and informed on their projects.