1913-vintage Mount Baker craftsman home stars in TBS program

TBS Superstation started work earlier this year on a Mount Baker home to feature in its current weekly broadcast of "The Man Made Movie." Near the crest of the hill at South Massachusetts Street and 30th Avenue South, large moving trucks, half-ton pickups and even mobile trailers have come and gone over the last few months.

"The Man Made Movie" follows the format of "Dinner and a Movie," a mainstay of TBS. A mainstream movie is broadcast and then during breaks, a host or two pops up to walks the viewer through a how-to" demonstration. This week's construction tip was how to work with and hang a door.

Chad Taylor hosts the show and cracks jokes while the 1913 craftsman home gets upgraded. The previous two seasons used a house in TBS's home turf, Atlanta, Ga. TBS called that house, with a western-style saloon, a basketball court and a fire pole between floors, a "dream home" for men. The Seattle residence will have a softer side and be suitable for any family. Co-host Jodi Marks will work with Taylor and last year's crew to play down the macho factor of the previous season's re-do.

Broadcast locally on Tuesday nights, the Dec. 2 show opened with a street-side shot of the house and Taylor stumbling up the crumpled street-side steps. The season continues through December. "The Patriot" and "Ed TV" will close out December.

With only two more broadcasts this year, this season is almost over. For additional information about future broadcasts, see www.tbssuperstation.com.

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