A bumper crop of Regional History Day winners at ICS

ICS asks, "Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?"
The International Community School's student-run Drama Club chose to challenge their memories and their "old English" skills with the major Shakespearean play "Romeo and Juliet" for their last production of the year. They gave their adoring public four fabulous and very emotional performances (March 9 - March 12). The final scene brought a tear to many eyes!

With a cast of 20 and a stage crew of only nine, this was a smaller but more intense production than the one they did in the fall. For this production, they also only had a little over a month in which to learn all those beautiful Shakespearean verses.

But they pulled it off fantastically! Everyone was very impressed! And thanks to the help of 10 mothers (Robyn Hirano, Melissa Sherrow, Dinah Stinson, Michele Cereghino, Chika Croteau, Wendy Schrempp, Anita Wood, Virginia Kao, Sudha Vaghul, and Myhanh Pham), their costumes were also beautiful.

Special thanks were given on the program to these mothers, as well as to Melissa Nelson for overseeing the entire process, to their acting coach Chris Mayse, to the set construction crew of Tomas Cardiel and Brent Schmaltz, to the lighting crew of John Poulson and Chet Nelson, and finally to the Michael's store for providing the urns and flowers for the set.[[In-content Ad]]