A truely crazy parking plan

I am writing to comment on Mona Lee's article titled "Mike Hlastala: a developer with vision and sense of civic duty," Oct. 24. She concludes at the end of her article with Hlastal's sentiments, "that in response to change there will always be skeptics."

The word skepticism, according to Webster's dictionary, means "to question the truth of something purported to be factual." Lee states in her article that "Hlastala says he feels confident that the company plan for only seven parking spaces per residential units will not be a problem."

I would argue that seven parking spaces per residential units is excessive.

What this will mean for the combined north and south Othello Partner's projects at 752 housing units will be 5,264 parking spaces available.

This is 4,000 more parking spaces than are provided for all of New Holly in entirety.

This is definitely not pedestrian orientated. It appears now is the time to question this project even more for its sensibility and sensitivity to the community.

Ron Momoda


The actual number of parking spaces was reported incorrectly by Lee.

According to the Seattle Department of Planning and Development website, Hlastala's development project (permit #3007649) at 4200 S. Othello St. calls for, "a six story apartment building with 15,300 sq.ft. of retail at grade. Parking for 260 vehicles will be located within the structure."
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