Arsonist strikes Beacon Hill

Flames began devouring a single story home at 1927 Bayview S. on Saturday, May 19, and prompted a rush of 911 calls from nearby Beacon Hill residents. The home's owner, Danny Moore, who stated he has lived in the house for four years with on a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Section-8 lease.

"I was asleep when it happened," said Moore, age 49. "The firemen banging on the door woke me up. I was almost killed."

Thick black smoke and the smell of burning plastic drifted around the neighborhood as the blaze began engulfing the home. Seattle Fire Department officials were on the scene just after 10:30 a.m.

Fire investigators have blamed the blaze on an unknown arsonist. The damage to Moore's home has been estimated at $120,000. Authorities are actively gathering information about the crime. Any information about the incident may be reported to 1-800-55ARSON.

The arsonist's actions have rendered the house unlivable, and Moore is currently staying at a hotel in lower Queen Anne.

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