BEST High School at Fare Start

On February 17, the BEST High School food service class met at Fare Start in Seattle to volunteer with their organization. Fare Start is a program which empowers homeless individuals through culinary and life skills training. Each Thursday is Guest Chef Night when the community can make reservations to eat dinner prepared by Fare Start students who have been trained by local chefs.

With the help and training of top Seattle chef Matt Janke and Erik Cannella from Matt's in the Market, the Fare Start students produced a three-course gourmet meal.

James Carlson, Loren Aemmer, Fabiola Martinez, Alisha Ells and former graduate Christine Hale all waited tables for guests who came to support the Fare Start Program. Each student was in charge of a section of tables.

In the middle of our shift the students in the kitchen came to the dining room, the waiters stopped serving, the guests stopped eating and everyone was quiet. It was time to celebrate a Fare Start graduation. One student has completed her 16-week training and was being honored for her achievement. It was a touching celebration which demonstrated the power of the Fare Start Program.

By the end of the night we were tired, our feet were sore and we were hungry. The Fare Start staff allowed the students to have a full dinner just like the guests as a thank you for our service. The students had a wonderful real life industry experience.

If you would like to eat dinner at Fare Start on a Thursday, please visit them at[[In-content Ad]]