Bite starting to bite

The Bite of Seattle is a massively successful event that attracts attendees and vendors from all over the Puget Sound and beyond. And this year was no different: packed with people, the smell of good food, the sound of good music while ribbons of water fly out of the International Fountain and onto absolutely delighted children.
That's the good part. And it seems pretty good on paper. But in reality, it is getting harder and harder to have a good time as crowds thicken, prices rise, lines snake further and further out from vendor tents and rows of garbage cans overflow with dirty paper plates, wrappers, half-eaten snacks and crumpled soda cups. Do you really want to wait in a sweltering, smokey line to get a edible tidbit.
Most of the vendors have some very enticing items to try, but the event has changed for the worse. And event planners need to consider that when planning for 2009.

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