Blaine students' artwork on sale

Original artwork by two eighth-grade students, Esther Graves and Jamie Thelen, from Catharine Blaine School was chosen and entered into the Seattle School District annual Naramore Art Competition.

The competition is open to all middle and high schools throughout the district. Graves' portfolio included the pieces "Reflection" and "Fish Behind Glass," and Thelen's contained "Toucan" and "In the Future."

When Thelen heard her artwork had been selected for the contest, she said, "I was pretty excited." She enjoys art class, particularly drawing and using colored pencils; a favorite project was constructing a collage out of paper and other objects.

Her piece "Toucan" was done with acrylic paint mimicking the pointillist style. Her other piece, "In the Future," was derived from a still life of her choosing.

Graves also enjoys art as a hobby; drawing and painting are her favorites. She likes to use acrylics or watercolors when she paints.

Her "Reflection" was done in acrylics following the pointillism method. The class assignment involved choosing a picture as inspiration for the pieces. Graves wanted to use a landscape and decided upon one with trees. For her second piece, a personalized still life, her intent was for the creation to be "surreal."

Both girls were excited to hear that their artwork is on sale. It has been on display at the John Stanford Center for several weeks. Meanwhile, contest results were announced just this past week, and Jamie Thelen received an honorable mention.

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