BRIEFLY | Playground a no-go for Washington Park

The new playground equipment proposed for Washington Park will not go in as previously announced.

Seattle Parks and Recreation has denied the new playground planned for Washington Park because the current swings cannot be removed to make room for the new playground equipment.

A new design suggested to expand the existing play area and install a containment curb for new playground equipment would cost more than the budget would allow, because it would require soil testing.

CleanScapes had awarded a $50,000 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Reward prize for the Washington Park Playground project in the 2009-10 competition. It had already gone through a design review, planning and implementation project with the parks department before it was denied last February.

This playground was the first-choice project. A community committee had ranked five eligible projects proposed for this area, which included an historic and directional bronze sidewalk art in Madrona; a new path and information kiosk at Montlake Gateway Park; an information kiosk on First Hill (Ninth Avenue and Madison Street) and Madison Park stairway rails.

CleanScapes will begin a new process with the Seattle Department of Transportation to review the next slate of projects and determine which can be implemented within the $50,000 project budget.[[In-content Ad]]