Madison Valley

Back to the kitchen: Having revamped the menu at Bing’s (4200 E. Madison St.) in Madison Park, Erik Skaar has returned to Crush (2319 E. Madison St.) as the new sous chef. 

Not closing yet: Chef/owner Thierry Rautureau announced that he will not close Rover’s (2808 E. Madison St.) at the end of April as originally planned; he is postponing it to June 23 because of “overwhelming response.”



New bakery: Golden Wheat Bakery has opened at 2908 E. Cherry St., as of March 1. The family-owned business is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

In addition to the selection of baked goods, the bakery is hoping to offer weekend brunch and lunch options.

New boutique: Dustin Nelson and Erica Nelson-Sheehan, the former owners of Hitchcock, have opened Davenport, a home-décor store, at 1137 34th Ave.



A new kind of pizza: Central Pizza will open this summer in the former All-Purpose Pizza (which closed last fall) at 29th Avenue South and South Jackson Street. It will have a new 11-seat bar in the former children’s area.

Bartender Eric Ellsworth and couple Ellie Rose and Steve Scalfati are the new owners. Mike Egan is the pizza chef.

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