Candle starts Kirkland gallery fire

A fire was reported on Dec. 8 from Soul Ease, holistic yoga spa and art gallery on Central Way. The fire, which originated in a bathroom, was quickly extinguished. Fire damage was limited to one wall of the bathroom.

The staff believes a student was the first to smell or see smoke coming from the bathroom and screamed to let others know. An employee extinguished the fire by filling a vase and throwing it on the fire. Everyone else evacuated the business immediately. Nobody was hurt.

The fire investigation team determined the cause was a lit candle, igniting plastic decorative shrubbery placed too close to the candle. Damage is estimated at $10,000.

According to Jim Crowe, Fire Investigator, candles are a primary cause of structure fires during the fall/winter season. Holiday decorations increase the risk of fire when candles are used. To avoid candle-lit fires:
  • Extinguish candles BEFORE leaving rooms in which they're lit.
  • Keep all materials that can catch fire, at least 2 feet from lit candles.
  • Burn candles in fire resistant containers, i.e., thick glass, cans, etc.
For more information, contact Robin Paster, community education & information, Kirkland Fire and Building Department at 587-3659.[[In-content Ad]]