CITY CRITTERS | Window shopping with Tucker

CITY CRITTERS | Window shopping with Tucker

CITY CRITTERS | Window shopping with Tucker

The next time you find yourself strolling the streets of downtown Madison Park, make sure to stop in front of the Children's Shop window.

Along with a tidy display of clothes and toys for the tots, you'll most likely find yourself looking into a pair of big brown eyes set in the black-fur face of Tucker, a 3-year-old pug and Boston terrier mix.

"We call him our greeter," said store owner Kate Etherington, who noted Tucker has been coming into the shop on a regular basis since he was eight weeks old. "He has quite the fan club. Kids come racing in the door asking, 'Where is Tucker'?"

A fifth-generation Seattleite, Etherington said she knew she wanted a small dog, probably a pug, but not a full breed because of her concerns with the genetically driven health problems that such animals often experience. After searching for months through online classified advertisements, she found an advertisement for a "Bug" (pug/Boston terrier) puppy that came into the world, by himself, much to the surprise of his mother's family.

Etherington brought Tucker home on Seafair weekend, home being the place she shared with her grandfather off of McGilvra before he passed away. Now the two live on Capitol Hill, and the pair are seldom apart.

"Anywhere that he can go, I take him," Etherington said.

While traveling about the city is exciting for the personable, kid-friendly "Bug," Tucker's favorite place is the front window display at the Children's Shop. Etherington said he's wreaked havoc with her displays more than once when Tucker has charged into the window to check out passersby, and, especially, bark at other dogs.

"He's very nosey. He likes to know what's going on," Etherington said.

Such a gregarious personality routinely results in some interesting window shopping episodes.

"We get crowds of 15 to 20 people just watching him in the window," Etherington said.

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