Columbia building selected to house The New School until 2009

Seattle Public Schools announced that the Columbia building will service as the interim site for The New School.

Currently residing in the Columbia building located 2.5 miles north of the permanent South Shore site is the alternative K-5 Orca program. The program will relocate to Whitworth Elementary and expand to serve K-8, while Whitworth merges with Dearborn Park Elementary.

In February, Seattle voters approved a $64.7 million capital bond for the construction of a K-8 at the South Shore site which expects to be completed in 2009. While the Columbia building remains slated for closure, it will serve as the home for The New School for the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years.

"This is wonderful news for Southeast Seattle," said Rebecca Sadinsky, executive director of Powerful Schools. "It means that what would have been a vacant building in the heart of the valley will be vibrant and well-used."

The Rainier Beach Community Center and Pool will remain in operation during The New School construction, according to Seattle Parks and Recreation. The existing structure at South Shore has housed The New School since 2002.[[In-content Ad]]