Come out of the sun and enjoy some summer theater indoors

But once you're done hiking the mountains, kayaking the lakes and biking around the Sound, give your body a rest and check out some of the summer theater and other cultural activities around town.

"The Gas Man" opened last weekend at The Empty Space. The rock musical is a collaboration between Empty Space and the always-interesting Printer's Devil Theatre.

Printer Devil regular Herbert Bergel, who once launched a rock opera of "El Cid" in a vacant restaurant space, wrote this musical about two homeowners awaiting the arrival of the gas man. To add a little fun and a "good deal" to the late-night show, Empty Space is offering a number of ways to qualify for a $5 ticket.

If you want to get the half-price ticket, you must demonstrate that you work for a utilities company, come to the show with your brother, prove that you've been sent to "juvie" (how is up to you) or flash a ticket stub from Empty Space's other show, "In Flagrante Gothicto."

If you can't do any of those things, the Saturday, July 5, performance is pay-what-you-can. If you missed "In Flagrante Gothicto," you've only got a few more chances to catch this wild send-up of all things gothic. The humor works best if you've seen the movie versions of "Jane Eyre," "Wuthering Heights" and "Rebecca" and are seeking a slightly gayer version of those stories.

A number of my friends raved that this show should run forever, but it is scheduled to close July 20. "The Gas Man" runs through July 19, 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday nights (no performance Friday, July 4) at The Empty Space, 3509 Fremont Ave. N. There is no late seating and no intermission for the one-hour show.

"In Flagrante" runs Tuesdays through Sundays, at 7:30 p.m. (8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays), and 2 p.m. matinees on Saturdays and Sundays.

Henry opens 'Skyspace'

The Henry Art Gallery opens the new James Turrell art installation this month. The new installation - entered through the Henry's beautiful, 1926 beaux-arts doors - features a movable roof that allows visitors to view the sky. When the roof closes, an interior light comes on to simulate open sky. No word yet on how the Henry will decide on "open-roof" days (perhaps they will follow the same guidelines as Safeco Field), but you can ask them at the July 11 party.

The summer opening party kicks off at 7:30 p.m. with my favorite performance poetry group Typing Explosion, the frankly flammable PyroSutra, numerous local DJs and the Spit-licks, winners of the EMP Battle of the Bands.

Besides opening the "Skyspace," the Henry unveils three new exhibitions featuring the work of Los Angeles artist Tom Knechtel, artist-in-residence Claire Cowie and 50 contemporary works from the Neuberger Ber-man collection.

The ticket prices are very reasonable: $20 for members, $30 general admission. Food and drink are included in ticket price.

Due to the number of people expected, viewing of the "Skyspace" from the inside will be limited to 200 tickets. But everyone gets a door prize. For more information, call 543-2280.

Rosemary Jones will watch the fireworks from the north end of Lake Union this year. She can be reached via e-mail at

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