Con artists posing as Seattle City Light bill collectors

Seattle City Light is urging its customers to be on guard against telephone con artists posing as utility bill collectors.

A City Light customer reportedly received a call from a person claiming to be a City Light employee. The caller claimed there was a problem with the customer's bill and demanded credit card information to resolve the matter.

The scammer appears to be targeting the elderly and customers who may have a primary language other than English.

City Light sends at least two written warnings to customers who are about to have their power turned off, asking them to contact the utility directly to make a payment.

City Light also would like to remind customers:

❚ Seattle City Light never asks customers for credit card information to pay their bills.

❚ Seattle City Light does not call customers on weekends.

❚ Seattle City Light employees carry identification with the City Light logo and will always display it when asked.

❚ All City Light customers are advised to take down the name and telephone number of anyone who calls and represents themselves as a City Light employee. Before a customer provides anyone with credit card information, they should call 684-3000 to verify that the request is legitimate[[In-content Ad]]