Concern over the prospect of more condos

To the editor:

I read with great interest an article by Doug Schwartz entitled "About that QFC site..." from a recent Capitol Hill Times.

The city's Department of Planning and Development signs on the building describe the 290 residential units as "apartments," but I have the sickening suspicion that they're going to be more much needed (sarcastic) condos.

Please tell me I'm wrong.

I've lived at the Harvard Court Apartments, a Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) highrise on Harvard Avenue East and East Mercer Street, for the past 6-plus years. I am admittedly paranoid waiting to see if Seattle's administration eventually gives in to the selfish greedy developers when they want to either convert the apartments or tear down the building for, guess what? - more condos.

My apartment is probably about 300 to 400 sq. ft., but some rich idiot will undoubtedly pay upwards of $250,000 for it. If it weren't for SHA, I'd be out on the street. Again.

One more thing (a worry, actually). I've started to hear rumors about the B&O coffee house on East Olive Way being displaced by new condos. Again, please tell me I'm wrong.

Don Bernstein
Capitol Hill

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