Condi and the un-Lucky block

There is no issue so slathered in hypocrisy in modern American culture - other than the presidency of George The Pinhead - as race relations, especially between blacks and whites.

For example, the recent discovery that a teacher at Bellevue Community College was presenting a math problem by using an example that had something to do with a "Condoleezza" - perhaps Condi Rice, of Pinhead's evil cabal - and a watermelon.

Some student blew the whistle on the teacher, and the hypocrisy began.

The president of the college made noises about sensitivity training for the offending teacher, and then blathered on about the importance of folks of different races respecting each other - cleanup business as usual.

Next came the more horrifying stage of this tawdry little drama.

Letters to The Seattle Times were not unanimous in calling for the teacher's dismissal. Instead, some correspondents claimed the blacks involved in bringing this charade to light were "too sensitive."

Let me be clear about two things right here.

First, I have two black daughters. One has brown skin; one has beige skin. I married only once, and it was to an African American lady. The marriage lasted 12 or 13 years. It wasn't based on race and race didn't end it.

But single-parenting black kids - no matter how beige their skin, America makes sure they know they are black, a painful fact to this proud Irish-German papa - one learns quickly that some, no longer all, white folks will never face this country's barbaric history vis-à-vis African Americans.

Secondly, I loathe Condi Rice as I loathe corrupt Dick Cheney and that fool the generals want out nicknamed Rummy, and of course, the worst president since Warren G. Harding, Pinhead himself.

But this incident was based on racism and astonishing racial insensitivity, not politics. I loathe Condi equally. I think of her as a fascist and don't give a damn about her race.

This incident proved to me, especially the aftermath, that white folks often just will not face the historical facts. Black people have suffered this watermelon crap from ignorant white people for the past 100 years. The fruit is innocent, but those who claim not to understand why blacks would be outraged by this incident are either dumber than the dirt watermelons grow in, or racists.

No middle ground here. Fire this fool (or bigot) masquerading as a teacher!

THERE WAS ANOTHER SHOOTING at Mr. Lucky 11 days ago. For those of you who never get out, Mr. Lucky is the thug dive across from the Key Arena where several people have been shot, maimed and, once, even beaten to death in the past three years. There have been at least 11 incidents of violence in, or just outside, the club since 2004. Almost every incident involves gunplay.

Here the racial-hypocrisy shoe is on the other foot. Mr. Lucky's crowd is more heavily African American than the neighborhood it resides in.

Almost all of the trouble at Mr. Lucky's is caused by outsiders with guns.

Many of them, according to police reports, are not punk-rocking little white boys.

David Meinert, over on Queen Anne Ave. at the Mirabeau, manages to have hip-hop shows without shootings. But Meinert knows and loves music and local performers, and cares about the neighborhood he operates in.

The owners of Mr. Lucky evidently don't give a damn about any of us. They have never really addressed the continuing problems at their club, even after a completely innocent man was paralyzed by one of the club's gun-happy patrons.

Yet every time a hip-hop joint explodes in repeated violence and faces closure, the apologists - as demented as those folks who can't see racism in the Condi-watermelon math problem - start hollering racism.

Mr. Lucky shouldn't be closed because black kids predominate at many of its hip-hop nights. Mr. Lucky should be shut down because the people inside it have nothing to do with this neighborhood, and the owners have never done anything substantial to curb repeated violence inside and outside the dump.

The owners, a Greek family, should know better, since they lost a relative to random street violence in the U District a few years ago. But evidently they cannot, or will not, put two and two together.

Close Mr. Lucky immediately and say no to random senseless violence in our neighborhood. Call or write Fat Greg, Paul Allen's toadying mayor, and demand he quit fooling around and shut this hole down before summer comes, along with even more violence at Mr. Lucky.

AS LONG AS WE'RE in the neighborhood ... The Sonics are demanding that more than $200 million of our taxpayer money should be spent to "fix up" Key Arena. The club, owned by a rich, powerful consortium and fronted by the Starbuck King, have "generously" offered to contribute a paltry $18 million to the improvement kitty.

They claim they deserve the same treatment the Mariners and Seahawks got.

First of all, the taxpayer was hosed by those other two clubs. The Seahawks are owned by Paul Allen, he of the uncountable billions, who is now talking about pleading specific bankruptcy to get himself out from under his basketball team, the Jailblazers, of Portland.

Only in America can the fifth- or sixth-richest man in the world file bankruptcy while a janitor whose wife gets cancer is hamstrung by recent legislation.

America is the greatest place in the world if you are already rich, and getting a hell of a lot like Latin American countries if you ain't.

Tell Billionaire Schultz and his loser Sonics, who keep threatening to go, to get the hell out.

I don't want to pay one penny to keep those gangly second-raters in the neighborhood. They add nothing but traffic jams to Lower Queen Anne. Who needs them, other than Mr. Lucky?

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