Crash exhibit Museum of the Mysteries

After 60 years, new material from the Kelso B-25 Bomber crash in 1947 has been discovered. Museum directors, Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson found the material in wooded area in Kelso, Washington.

On Aug.1, 1947, Capt. Davidson and First Lieutenant Frank M. Brown were killed as their plane crashed due to engine malfunction. It was on that date when the Air Force officially separated from the Army, thus making this the Air Force's first documented crash. The plane was reportedly carrying a mysterious cargo of black lava rock.

LeFevre and Lipson believe that the officers risked their lives in an attempt to secure the plane's contents. The newly-discovered materials are on display at the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries, as the museum looks to overturn some of the many remaining questions regarding the crash.

A plaque is expected to be dedicated in the honor of the officers on August 1 in Kelso. For more information on the crash and efforts of the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries visit www.seattle

The Seattle Museum of the Mysteries is located at 623 Broadway E.[[In-content Ad]]