Dilettante Chocolates to move into Brix

Dilettante Chocolates, a longtime fixture at 416 Broadway East, announced plans to relocate its flagship store two blocks north to Brix, the new 141-home, mixed-use project currently under construction at Broadway and East Mercer Street.

Dilettante will continue to operate its existing store until the move to Brix in mid-2008. The upcoming move provides the company an opportunity to expand its offerings. Dana Davenport, Dilettante's founder and chief chocolatier, announced plans to launch the company's first Chocolate Martini Bar as a feature within the store's café. The new location will also provide Dilettante the opportunity to offer a light supper and brunch menu.

Dilettante joins Espresso Vivace as anaother retailer to relocate to Brix. Longtime Broadway retailer Hour Eyes Optical has also announced plans to relocate to Brix when the project opens in mid-2008. Only one retail space remains from the total of 7,500 square feet of space being developed at Brix.

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