Discovery Park photo exhibit celebrates calendar contest

The Discovery Park Advisory Council will host a photo exhibit Saturday, Aug. 11, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center, 3801 W. Government Way.

The exhibit will feature photographs submitted for the park's third annual photography contest.

More than 50 photographers entered the second annual Discovery Park calendar photography contest, submitting a total of 155 stunning photographs of the park. All entries will be on display at the exhibit.

The 2008 calendar features the artwork of 15 photographers, including Alan Estep, Chris Templeton, Jay Boyton, Shellye Poster, Josh Ericksen and Eve Simpson.

Winning photographs will be unveiled at the Sept. 16 exhibit. Proceeds from the calendar benefit the Discovery Park Habitat Fund, which supports plant purchases at Discovery Park.

Available for $10, the calendar will be for sale at the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center. This year is the third year of the calendar contest and exhibition.

For more information on the calendar or the calendar photo contest, contact the Environmental Learning Center at 386-4236 or or[[In-content Ad]]