Diversity promoted at A.G. Bell on multicultural

A.G. Bell Elementary School's Multicultural Night was a huge success, highlighting our diverse school community. Held in January, our school's halls and classrooms were filled with student heritage projects created at every grade level. It was a visual celebration of student heritage.

Families brought ethnic foods to share, creating a delicious international smorgasbord. It was impossible to walk away hungry. Children participated in crafts from several countries adding a whimsical touch. Families participated in multilingual readings from Bell's new multilanguage book collection obtained by a generous grant from the Lake Washington Schools Foundation.

Children learned native dances of the Philippines lead by the Filipiniana Arts and Cultural Center of Washington. The exciting evening culminated in a kindergarten through fourth grade concert. Thanks to the amazing work of Ebb Boesel of Simple Fun Music, each classroom created lyrics and recorded a song with a multicultural theme earlier in the week. All the songs were compiled on an all-school CD and the students could also participate in a cover art contest. Watching each class proudly perform their class song was the icing on the cake of our multicultural celebration.

The planning is already under way for an all-school talent show in April and our third annual auction "Spring for Bell" on May 4 at the First Congregational Church of Kirkland.

Kim Vining is the PTSA president at A.G. Bell Elementary School.

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