Eagle Scout candidate helps clear land in Kiwanis Ravine

Boy Scout Elliott Tonning, a member of Magnolia Troop 80, organized an ambitious work party for the Heron Habitat Helpers in his pursuit of an Eagle ranking, an honor that requires completion of a Leadership Service Project.

On Saturday, March 5, members of Tonning's troop, along with scout parents and Habitat volunteer, set out to clear a swatch of invasive ivy and blackberry bushes in Magnolia's Kiwanis Ravine. Such efforts help restore and protect the ravine as an urban wildlife habitat, clearing the way for the planting of native plants and trees.

Butterflies, bees and other wildlife conceivably will make this area home within a couple years, creating a restored habitat for herons.

In addition to clearing the acre of land, several parents and Eagle Scouts built in the ravine a tool shed that will house tools for volunteers to maintain the area.

The Heron Habitat Helpers welcome volunteers. For further information, call 284-6489 or send an email to volunteer@heronhelpers.org.

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