East Madison YMCA gets upgrades

Thanks to financing through the Washington State Housing Finance Commission’s Sustainable Energy Program, six YMCA of Greater Seattle locations have been upgraded for energy-efficiency and cost savings, including the Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA (1700 23rd Ave.).

Plumbing and lighting upgrades, new facility controls and new, efficient equipment will allow the organization to realize significant savings annually.

The YMCA will use energy audits to evaluate the energy and costs savings at the six upgraded locations.

The Housing Finance Commission issued a tax-exempt bond for $2 million, allowing the YMCA to access lower-cost financing for the improvements.

In addition to its core mission of affordable housing, the commission has focused on energy-efficiency since 2009, at the direction of the state Legislature. That commitment has increased access to below-market-rate financing for energy-related projects throughout the state.

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