Eric Slocum: RIP

Eric Slocum: RIP

Eric Slocum: RIP

The death of Eric Slocum, who took his own life Feb. 25, 2012, launched numerous tributes to the former KOMO-TV and Radio reporter and anchor on the air, in print and on-line.

Mr. Slocum, 54, had battled depression for years. In an unpublished memoir, he also chronicled his past struggles with alcoholism and his decision to come out as a gay man.

Mr. Slocum’s suicide has also been the occasion for renewed discussion of depression in the public square. Self-acceptance, he had told friends, was the real battlefront.

Mr. Slocum kept a poetry site. The poems leading up to his last day are dark; his final poem, posted on the day he died, reflects a sense of release and farewell. It is also touches base with his beloved Beatles.

Goodbye (in the end)


I’ve been to Herald Square

And Jerusalem — The River Jordan – 

Sea of Galilee —



I’ve walked on Penny Lane.


I touched the Hollywood sign.


so many other journeys.

— But now it’s time to rest —

— been a busy day —

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