Flyer touting new business causes stir in the Village

Many have spoken of the need for new businesses in Magnolia Village, but there are limits, thank you very much.

That became clear last Friday when pink flyers announcing the June 15 opening of a porno store near the corner of 32nd Ave. W. and W. McGraw St. were placed on practically every windshield in the Village, according to a neighborhood source who spoke on strict condition of anonymity.

"The Art Amore Adult Book and Video Superstore" will be a full-service business offering "the latest and greatest in private adult entertainment," according to the flyer.

The business, which will have a private rear entrance, will cater to clients interested in books, magazines, novelty items, video rentals, video sales and marital aids. Also on tap will be appearances of "your favorite (porn) stars, Gemma James, Chrystal, Silke Serene."

"Ladies are very welcome," according to the flyer, which also announced that the store will be "your one-stop shop when planning for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties..." Also available will be "Comfortable viewing booths."

Hours will be from noon to 2 a.m. every day, and a convenient rental drop box will be provided, according to the flyer.

The neighborhood source said that many Magnolians were "quite upset" after finding the flyers, especially since there is a school and a church a block away from the location of the new business.

"There was a gentleman who came into my office early Friday morning and wanted to know what this was," added the source, who didn't have any idea. The source tried to look up the geocities Web site listed on the flyer, but it doesn't exist.

That was a clue; so was the fact that the flyers appeared on April 1. And if there were any further doubts about the authenticity of the flyer, the doubts were confirmed when the source figured out that Lali Sporof, the store's proprietor, was an anagram of April Fools.

"It was very nicely done," the source said of the spoof.

- Russ Zabel[[In-content Ad]]