Getting to know us

First, and by all means, Happy New Year from the editors of Magnolia News and Queen Anne News. Here we are in all our photogenic splendor. Well, no, not all; we have to tone down the glam factor in the interest of public safety. I'm the stately presence on the opening page; my picture is first because, after all, this is the paper I serve. Richard Jameson, on the next page, could claim the same privilege at Queen Anne, of which he is editor. And that's what we want to call to your attention at this resolution-making time of year. Although Richard and I work together closely and both serve what is still, in many ways, one big neighborhood that used to be served by the Magnolia/Queen Anne News, we do put out separate and distinct papers now, the better to serve our respective communities.

Please direct preeminently Queen Anne items to his attention, at 461-1310 or As for Magnolia, that's me: 461-1310 or rtjameson@nwlink. We just like to remind you of that, about once a year.

Speaking of which, again: Happy New One.[[In-content Ad]]