HRG plans third development for southeast Seattle</p><p>

Housing Resources Group (HRG), a nonprofit, has entered the initial planning phase for a new development that would be built on a vacant lot at 8124 Rainier Ave. S.

Tuesday night's early design guidance meeting, which was open to the public, gave design review board members a first glance at three different design possibilities. After a presentation by the development's designer, the board members deliberated, and have since recommended the plan go forward.

The planned structure would be a four-story, mixed-use apartment building with about 70 residential units. Parking for the building's residents would be below ground and there would be about 4,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor facing Rainier Avenue. Half of the proposed apartments would have one bedroom. The others would have two.

HRG deputy director Lee Murray said she's excited about the possibility of adding a building to the Rainier Beach area. This would be HRG's third venture in southeast Seattle, the other two being the Genesee Apartments and the Kingway Apartments, both on Martin Luther King Way South.

The presenting architect, Scott Starr, said these apartments are being designed for workers whose salaries range from $30,000 to $40,000 per year. As for the retail space, he said it's too early to tell which businesses would occupy that.

If the design review process goes smoothly, the timeline for construction still depends on funding, said Starr. "If they [HRG] were Paul Allen, construction could begin next March, but HRG is a non-profit, so we'll have to see if the money is there."

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