In with the good, out with the bad

Spring-clean your home's atmosphere to clear the air of negative energy, bring in homebuyers

Have you ever wondered why some houses sell really quickly and others equally well presented stay on the market for a long time?

The atmosphere of a house can sometimes be even more important than its physical appearance. It affects us in deep and subtle ways. An atmosphere in a room can even influence a house sale.

Emotional imprints that become imbedded in the walls, furnishings and objects shape the ambience of a space. An empty room that has previously been inhabited by joyful children will feel different from one in which there has been continual arguments, long-term illness or death. The emotional imprints are different.

With simple, practical, energy-management techniques the vibe of a house can be changed from dull, even hostile, to vibrant and inviting and make it more enticing to prospective buyers.

Setting a bad tone
Walk into a room where people have been arguing intensely. “You could cut the air with a knife” describes an awareness of a buildup of energy generated during the argument that permeates the space. It can be perceived as a slimy, gritty or smoky film that fills the air and impregnates surfaces such as walls, carpets and so on.

Left uncleared, this tainted atmosphere accumulates like an energetic quagmire attracting more of the same; a vicious circle ensues.

Strongly charged imprints of emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and irritation become a clouded layer that inhibits vitality and clarity and perpetuates the stress.

Imprints could have been there for decades, inherited from previous occupants. A resonance between our inner world and the mood of a place attracts us to it. For example, a depressed person is more likely to choose to be in a room painted in a lifeless color. The color, in turn, flattens the energy and their mental state.

In these difficult times, many homes are on the market after a financial downturn or a divorce. Stress preceding the sale lingers in the space. It can be  picked up as something that makes a potential buyer just not want to buy the home. They don’t necessarily know why they aren’t keen; they just don’t feel good in the house. The seller becomes anxious and starts grasping for options. This, in turn, negatively imprints the space.

Clear out the bad
Here are some tips to break the cycle, clean the atmosphere and attract a buyer. Apply them to create a happier home, too.

It is important to clear out the stagnant imprints and lay new patterns. Do a traditional spring-clean that stirs up and moves out the stale winter energy and invites in the exuberance of spring.

Open the windows, beat the rugs and the mattresses, vacuum the floors, scrub the ceiling and the walls — all surfaces, including the floor.

Wash the window coverings, clean out the cupboards. Remove any unnecessary clutter. Fix the broken things.

Break up negative stress patterns by clapping. Clap into the walls and especially strongly into all the corners, nooks and crannies. Wash your hands thoroughly after doing this.
Apply feng shui principles to ensure a good flow of chi. Engage a “space clearer” to clear resistant fragments of energy.

Consciously imprint the walls with positive intentions while cleaning and clapping. Include aspirations for yourself and your family. A way to speed the sale of a house is to imbed positive intentions for the next owner into each of the rooms.

To do this, ask yourself, “What would I like to feel when I walk into this house if it was my new home?” Then lay an intention such as, “The next resident is experiencing peace and ease of being in the house. Or, “As soon as they enter they have a sense of belonging,” or “Ah, I feel totally relaxed here. It’s me!”

Open the space to whatever you see as a generous giving, and see who is attracted. Fill the rooms with joy; observe the effervescence that is possible.

Attracting new imprints
There’s more to selling a house than presenting a beautiful building. Sometimes it is necessary to transform the atmosphere within it. By clearing away stagnant emotional energies, consciously imprinting positive intentions the ambience of a residence will change.
As a result, the rooms sparkle with clarity and aliveness. People entering will pick up the tone of the space and resonate more positively with it.

It takes a bit of effort, but it is fun to experience the difference directly. The new energy is more likely to attract a buyer — someone to create fresh imprints.

MICHELE GOELDI, who recently came from Australia and the Philippines, now lives in Madison Park. She uses energy-management techniques based on the inner spaces of meditation in her practice as a life and Executive coach, clearer and Building Resonance consultant. She can be reached at[[In-content Ad]]